Lucid Air offers a new driving experience with the Lucid UX system


El Lucid Air ofrece una nueva experiencia de conducción con el sistema Lucid UX

Lucid Air offers a new driving experience with the Lucid UX system
Lucid UX is the name given to the interface that will communicate the driver and the rest of the occupants with the Lucir Air: an intuitive and aesthetic system based on two large interconnecting screens that promises to make everyone else obsolete.

Mandos fisicos Pilot Panel Lucid UX Lucid Air

In a step prior to the imminent deliveries of the first units of the Lucid Air, the manufacturer has shared some images and a video of the user experience that will involve driving and traveling in its electric saloon. Under the name Lucid UX, this in-depth look at the system shows the implementation of unique technologies applied to the comfort and functionality of an electric car, within an elegant design in keeping with the rest of the vehicle.

From its founding in 2007 under the name Atieva, to its first demonstrations at the Laguna Seca race track, Lucid Motors has managed to make a name for itself in the industry as the manufacturer of one of the most exciting premium electric sedans. Almost five years have passed since the presentation of the first prototype the Lucid Air, back in 2016, until today, when the manufacturer is about to give the green light to the series production of its first electric saloon.

In September of last year, Lucid Motors unveiled the four versions that would make up the Lucid Air commercial offering ranging from $ 89,000 to $ 169,000. The exterior design, very similar to the initial concept, is accompanied by a spacious, highly technological and very bright interior. Power and autonomy range between 1080 hp and more than 800 kilometers for the top-of-the-range version, up to 395 hp and 386 kilometers for the ‘economic’ version.

Some unforeseen events, the coronavirus pandemic and delays in the construction of the Arizona factory, have delayed this date from spring to the second half of the year. The first units of the Lucid Air launch edition ‘Dream Edition’ will be delivered to customers before the end of the year in the United States, while in Europe the arrival is scheduled for the first half of 2022.

With these dates still in the air. Lucid Motors wants to keep showing what future owners of this saloon will find when they sit inside. Now it does so by extensively revealing the user experience that can be lived inside the vehicle, including a video detailing the technologies and functionalities implemented.

The Lucid UX system will improve over time thanks to the OTA update system that Lucid Motors has incorporated into it. As a result, not only will the user interface be improved, but new functions and extensions to the autonomous driving system will be added. It will also be possible to improve the characteristics of the mechanical components, which can increase their performance by gaining power and even autonomy.

Lucid UX: the user experience that promises to make all other cars obsolete

In the video of just over nine minutes that accompanies the press release of the company shows in detail the operation of the Lucid UX system. The basis of its development, fully executed by the manufacturer, is intuition, or as the company calls it, “the holistic approach”. In the same way that the Lucid Air has been made a reality from a blank sheet without any technical ties, the creation of Lucid UX has followed the same strategy. A human-machine interface that reveals an innovative, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing experience. This is explained by Derek Jenkins, the brand’s senior vice president of design.

Lucid UX Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel functions

This is how the functions of each of the screens of the Lucid UX system are distributed.

Lucid has not eliminated all the specifics of traditional interfaces, retaining physical controls and combining them with an innovative, highly advanced, ergonomic and intuitive digital control. The basis of the system are two main touch screens: Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel, both curved towards the driver

The first, Glass Cockpit, is 34 inches with a 5K resolution. It is positioned in front of the driver and corresponds to the “traditional” dashboard behind the wheel and dashboard display. Below it, on the center console of the two seats and tilted 45 degrees is a second touch screen, Pilot Panel, of which Lucid does not give information on its size, although the photographs show its square shape.

Lucid UX Glass Cockpit Pilot Panel

Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel.

Glass Cockpit is divided into three main sections. On the left are the vehicle’s controls, including the lighting system, windshield wiper settings and basic functions such as demisting, which, it seems, will not have physical controls but will all operate by touch. In the center you will find all the specific instrumentation of the car: speedometer, information on the remaining battery capacity, the autonomy, and a long list of data.

On the right, the driver will find the controls for navigation, the multimedia system and the connection to the mobile phone that manages communications. One of its most important characteristics is that there is a connection between this part of the screen and the Pilot Panel, which makes it possible to consult the specific information more clearly, since it is possible to pass the information from one to the other by sliding it in the desired direction. For example, you can slide down the navigation, music or communication information displayed on the upper screen and send it to the lower screen, where it will be displayed in a larger size.

Physical controls Pilot Panel Lucid UX Lucid Air

Lucid UX system physical controls located on the Pilot Panel.

The Pilot Panel allows you to control the vehicle’s climate system and the configuration of the seats, including their cooling or heating. Between both screens there are physical controls with which it is also possible to regulate, in addition to the opening and closing of the windows, the temperature, the climate flow and all the controls that intervene in the air conditioning. The system is unified in such a way that when a parameter is modified with the controls, it is automatically reflected in the information on this screen.

When the Lucid Air’s autonomous driving system, called DreamDrive, is activated, the Glass Cockpit displays all vehicles and objects around it on the right side of the screen. This s

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